Hello and welcome to My Shetland Garden. This a blog about my passion for growing food, foraging and seasonal cooking. But also about challenges of gardening at 60° North.

Since I was small I’ve loved spending time in my granny and grandad’s beautiful walled kitchen garden, being surrounded by cordon-trained apple trees and running amongst lovingly tended vegetable beds. We’d go visit them a couple of times a year and the garden had always been my little green paradise and I wish I could go back there one day… As I grew up in a block of flats growing anything had never been an option but we were surrounded by beatiful nature and made regular trips to the countryside where I could pick herbs and berries.

Also I’ve always had a keen interest in herbs and natural remedies as well as in anything to do with growing or gathering food and cooking with it. And I love experimenting too.

Ten years ago I moved to Shetland and since then I’ve been discovering, step by step, how to grow fruit and vegetables here or even find herbs growing in the wild.

Hope you enjoy my blog and find some interesting stuff or inspiration here!





3 thoughts on “About

  1. Miska, I would love to have some of your thinnings. How and where can I collect? I will be in Lerwick at about the middle of the day and will then be going on to Brae for 2pm. I could collect from Tingwall on the way back to Lerwick?


    • Hi Marian,

      That’s great. I’ll be home from 2.30pm so please feel free to pop along to get some of the plants. I will email you the address and directions.


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