The garden’s coming on

It’s almost midsummer and things in the garden are fairly coming on. Particularly on a glorious day like this all the hard work is worth it.

In the polytunnel:


First of the baby courgettes.


The first of the bullet-like green strawberries have formed.


The strawberries in the grow bags are a bit more advanced so hopefully they will be ready to go with Champagne and cream in time for Wimbledon…


Self propagated raspberries – glad I didn’t pull them out as there is a lot of fruit showing on them.


Peas – plenty of flowers on the first mini pods are forming.



A good crop of goosberries coming on nicely, just hoping Gooseberry sawfly leaves the bush alone this year.


A pot full of good cuttings going on – next year’s Alaskan willow and blackcurrants.


Kale (Shetland cabbage) and neeps.


This is the first time we’re trying to grow Shetland cabbage but I have seen a few Cabbage Whites about today so might neet to keep an eye on these.


Growing garlic is really easy – will post about that another time.


The best bit – the harvesting!


… and enjoying your crops on your plate.


… and also getting some cut flowers.


… and seeing the wildlife too!



5 thoughts on “The garden’s coming on

  1. Hi there, I’m really enjoying your blog, I was introduced to it from my friend Helen’s FB page. All looking very fruitful and lovely. I’m intrigued by the Alaskan willow, what do you use it for, or is it just ornamental? I’m growing loads of different Kale varieties this year, I haven’t heard of Shetland Kale before. Happy gardening 🙂

  2. Hi Alex, thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, the Alaskan willow is purely ornamental, in fact since it grows very fast and vigorously in Shetland (unlike other trees) it’s brilliant for creating shelter. I’m going to post about Shetland cabbage (locally referred to as Kale) later on this week but in the meanwhile you can find out more at I’m going to try to save some seed so if you’d like I can get some sent to you when it’s ready – happy to share it if it’s a success!

  3. Hello!
    What kind of strawberry plants do You use?
    Where have You bought it?
    I will try to plant strawberries on th faeroe Islands. Thank You very much!
    Kindest regards,

    • Hello Martin, I use plants from one of the UK plant/seed catalogues – such as Marshalls ( and usually they do quite well. I try to go for the earlier and hardier varieties. But to be honest I haven’t bought strawberry plants for a good few years now as I tend to propagate them myself from the older plants (though runners). Would love to know more about your gardening in Faroe. And what do you grow? All the best from Shetland!

  4. . Thank You for Your answer!
    I’m a gardener from Germany and I want to go for an halv year to the Faroe Islands in 2021 when I’m out of work. Therefore I want to plant there already next year in holiday the strawberries. My friends have a little farm there and they have potatoes, the traditional turnip, carrots, beetroot, kale, brussel sprouts, kohlrabi, onions and leek.
    All the best from Germany!

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